Brasov- ComGour dinner (1 Night)
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Brasov- ComGour dinner (1 Night)

Hosted by Museum of Living in Communism

About this experience

1 Night Package for 2 people​,​ including: 1 x Night Accommodation at the Museum of Living in Communism. 1 x ComGour dinner. Immersive experiences. Want to feel like a communist party boss? What is ComGour​,​ you may ask? It is a communist gourmet experience​,​ a very distinct type of cuisine which is based on meat​,​ the one staple food that was nearly impossible to find at the time in normal food-shops. Only party bosses and their families were able to eat beef roast and pork snitzel or get their hands on some famous Sibiu salami. Highlights Enjoy an evening of eating communist-style gourmet food and discover unique and exciting historical insights of that sad era at the Museum of Living in Communism. Discover the culinary delights of an era marked by the total lack or dire scarcity of real healthy food​,​ where the chefs had to make up for their lack of ingredients with imagination and ridiculous “ersatz" alternatives. An ordinary Romanian worker from the 80s would have killed to sit at your dinner table​,​ to taste a tiny bit even of real Sibiu salami and telemea cheese instead of the usual processed plastic-like industrial cheese​,​ or some boeuf salad made with real beef meat​,​ snitzel of chicken (if lucky!) or the usual one made from tinned luncheon-pork meat​,​ or of the cheapest fried mortadella variety. The presence of our historian rounds off an unique experience at our Museum of Living in Communism​,​ offering you a few colorful live snapshots from Romania’s own Hunger Game Age.


  • Snacks
  • Food
  • Drinks
  • English Spoken
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Children friendly
  • Pet friendly
  • Private Bathroom
  • WiFi
  • Free Parking
  • Breakfast

Experience rules

Cancellation is free of charge 24 hours prior to arrival No smoking allowed. No pets. No parties in the location. During the tour wear appropriate clothes and comforatable shoes.


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