About Us

A travel start-up that launched when the pandemic was in full-swing, a hybrid between a travel agency and a booking platform, the AirBnB of epic holidays, the Disneyland of trips...there are many ways to describe us.

We prefer to say that Epic Visits is a platform dedicated to get-aways with an epic element. The four founders (Raluca Jianu, Bogdan Jianu, Mihai Bârsan, Emanuel Pasat), together with an amazing team, have been building a new tourism segment, the epic one. We are laying down the foundation of a host and traveller community who value quality above all else. Our story actually started with the Ferestroika project, a kind of time capsule that brought in over 500 visitors from 26 countries. We then realised that there are plenty of opportunities worth exploring, that people are no longer satisfied by the accommodation, they are seeking an experience.

We wish to inspire people to live their life to the fullest and create lasting memories, using „epic visits” to evolve and find their happiness.

We choose the top 10% combos (accomodation and experience), accomodations and holidays with an epic factor, meaning that element that assures their unforgettability. It could be their design, their location, their story or the experience they offer. We aid travellers with customised recommendations and support, so they can have a dream get-away/holiday. We work together with other companies in creating succesful branding campaigns and offer premium benefits for their employees or partners.

If you wish to contact us, send us an an email at: team@epicvisits.com

Explore. Evolve. Epic Visits.