Spring is the Time for Epic Experiences to Blossom!

…and we are getting ready to pluck them and turn them into ideas for mini-vacations for you, little getaways which you can enjoy at the end of a hard and exhausting week.

2020 was a challenge (an unpleasant one, for sure) for us all. We had to come up with new habits and new passions, and we refashioned our home as a place of work, of the end of the day, but also of holiday.

Slowly, however, we seem to be witnessing a return to the old normal. Therefore, we want to perceive this spring like a rebirth: of nature, of the world, but also of people.

So, we prepared for you a list of the most beautiful destinations for this spring, which will offer you experiences as complex and complete as possible, enough to make up for the year-long break.

And, this is the season in which nature is the main element, we invite you to the heart of the forest, where you will discover flora, fauna, dream stays and will enjoy memorable experiences.

Azuga- City Break (2 people)

To begin with, what about a trip to Romania that will make you feel that you are in a Nordic country? You won’t see the Aurora Borealis, but we promise that you will enjoy a stary sky and a breathtaking view: the Milky Way framed by the mountains of the Valea Prahovei. The location shaped like an igloo is just beside the sky slope, so if you choose a romantic weekend at the beginning of spring, you might be lucky enough to also enjoy a day of skiing.

Accommodation is provided in a tent that is as luxurious as it gets, outfitted with all facilities that you might need. Aren’t you eagerly looking forward to a hot bath, enveloped in a comforting smell of spruce tips, under the curious looks of over 5 million stars?

Șinca Nouă - Horse Riding Adventure For Beginners (3 Nights)

You must’ve missed adventures in 2020, so on epicvisits.com, we prepared you a suite of experiences to raise your adrenaline. One of them, which we invite you to enjoy this spring, is this special trip in which, in addition to extraordinary accommodation and delicious meals, you will also enjoy the challenge of the year: your first riding lessons. You will enjoy both classes and rides in nature on a saddle. And the surprises don’t stop here: the surrounding area hides many treasures waiting to be discovered by visitors, and locals are eager to tell you the stories of those places.

Brasov- Gourmet Escape (2 Nights)

Whether you’re tired of your home kitchen or whether you were responsible enough to not have to stay on a diet for the whole of 2021 to get back into shape, Brașov Gourmet Escape is your culinary adventure; a symphony of taste and flavor that will delight your senses. Even if the place boasts a unique architecture, a rich history, and a fascinating surrounding area, the menu will definitely be the star of the trip. Gabriel Tóth, the chef, will spoil you with a menu of six different dishes, accompanied by local wines that will remind you of Bacchus’ legends.

Valea Doftanei- Gourmet Weekend (2 pers)

And because the frenzy for Romanian tastes never ends, we end the series of getaways into the land of the best food with an invitation to Valea Doftanei, at Hotel ATRA. Beyond the view dressed in the mountains reflected in the turquoise water of Lake Paltinu: a view that you can enjoy from every room of the hotel. During your two accommodation nights, you will be able to taste outstanding food, rich and diverse dishes, accompanied by fine wines. The evenings will end romantically, in front of the campfire, so bring someone dear with you, with whom you can write this spring’s love story.

Rucăr- Family Holiday in Charming Village (3 Nights)

For most of us, 2020 was a lesson about the importance of our loved ones. It is precisely with this thought in mind that we have prepared many trips especially for families, which will offer you even more quality time in the company of your loved ones. This three-nights-trip to Rucăr is the very definition of such a vacation, which harmoniously fuses tradition with outdoor activities. You will enjoy staying in a museum-house, taste organic dishes, cooked in the farm’s kitchen and have fun with bicycle rides, guided hikes, kayaking, carriage rides, or fishing. The welcoming hosts will ensure you a holiday born out of the essence of the word “family.”

After a long time of isolation from experiences and from the world’s beauties, we invite you to relive the joy of travels that exceed the definition of a simple holiday. Don’t waste time on your couching, wondering “So what are we going to do after checking in?” The thematic packages provided by epicvisits.com are specially designed so that the flow of your trip would be continuous and that you and your loved ones may enjoy truly memorable moments.

Keep being responsible and respecting the measures established by the authorities and enjoy a holiday this spring, in complete safety in one (or more) epic locations!

We can’t wait for you to tell us where you will be travelling :)