Zabola Estate- The Royal Story Hidden Deep In The Heart Of The Forest

Once upon a time there was… and still is.

A fascinating story is being written every day, 40 kilometers away from the geographical landmarks of an ancestral volcanic eruption (Lake Saint Ana and Tinovul Mohos). The tale is about a captivating world, which vibrates in the heartbeats of the wild forests of Transylvania. A unique story that you can discover beyond the mundane details of life, beyond the traditional escapes that you are already accustomed to.

The initial owners, Contesse Katalin, alongside her sons, Alexander and Gregor Roy Chowdhury have sketched, in the heart of the forest, a magical land, depicting a fairy tale world. The historical background is set in the XVth century, when the Mikes Domains from Zabola had on the settlement a stronghold, on the same placement as the actual castle. In the upcoming centuries, the renaissance castle was well maintained and the original architecture was kept in the initial lines. At the beginning of the XXth century, a new guest house was built, but the mystery of the story was not torn away, in fact, it was added by the underground passage that connects the two buildings.

The local history of the place has shifted its significance depending on the context and the regimes: a village retreat, then it was transformed into a preventorium, orphanage, school, and finally in a sanatorium. Every historical change left a mark that damaged the architectural gem, but this happened until 2005 when the actual owners took the castle and brought it to its initial glamour. For the last 15 years, the place is telling the stories of the generations that passed on the realm, and everything is kept under a very tidy process of continuous reconstructions and rehabilitation. The bringing back to life project represents more than rehabilitation actions, it is a statement of respect towards history and nature. The main merit of the actual owners is that they promoted a style of green renovation, which puts emphasis on modernization, natural surrounding conservations, and keeping the historical landmarks alive through:
Conservation Transylvania.

Visiting Zabola is more than a simple vacation, it is indeed an epic experience, which is awaiting to be discovered. A tourist attraction defined by unicity, spectacularity and its unexpected diversity. From the insides to the exteriors to the natural surroundings every step is an immersion in time and space, a history lesson for all ages, and an authentic school of real emotions.

When you enter the hotel a unique world will be uncovered, where each room tells a chapter of the Zabola history book, with authentic and enchanting thematics. YOur moments of relaxation will continue in the massage area, in front of the cozy fireplace, or maybe right in the bathtub comfortably positioned in the middle of your room. A tantalizing full experience meant to make you feel relaxed and unique. In the moments when you will feel the adrenaline tingles rushing, you can enjoy epic activities like wildlife spotting, or riding in the wild.

The surroundings will make you feel a royalty high, a carriage pulled by horses will await you for a tour of the property. The difference between the luxuriant interior and the wild surroundings make you transcend from the mundane in fairytale land. You will become an explorer of the quiet nature and you will be able to listen to the secrets told even by the murmur of leaves, painted in the autumn colors. You can choose between a hike or an equestrian adventure. The evenings can end with a barbeque or with a romantic dinner and candlelight, or even a hot bathtub in the treehouse sauna.

Your journey doesn't end here!

The natural landscapes are a gold mine for the explorers: from the crystal clear mineral waters from Peteni and Covasna, to the fortified churches with painted ceilings, dating from the XIIth century, plus you have a wide variety of exhibitions, open-air museums. The wholesome area is a true soul treasure. Zabola Estate is a true keeper of tradition, history, that will make every moment more than a simple tourist attraction, it will become a journal for unforgettable moments.

Although Zabola’s motto is "Transylvania's best-kept secret'', we decided to share this little secret with you. The Prince Odescalchi (1912) was a recurrent visitor of this castle and he was so impressed that, in his memoirs, he noted a very complex description of the area and the feeling of being a guest here: ‘you were asked if you would like to join the morning ride and so on. From the moment you put your smoking suit on you were guided through an underground tunnel and you were politely introduced to the other guests. The house and the way the castle was managed was indeed warming and enjoyable more than in a dozen of houses I would have known - you were living under the impression that you were at a luxurious hotel in American or Western Europe’

Because the visit at Zabole is always a personalized vacation, we asked the owners how they would see a perfect day: ‘It would certainly start in the early morning with a riding lesson or maybe jogging, after that a long relaxing shower. In the late morning, we would continue with breakfast in the garden, a stroll in the park and forest. In the afternoon we would opt for a more thrilling experience: the bear hide observatory, ending the day with a supper in the discrete gazebo between secular trees, and the icing on the cake would be a Cleopatra bath, right before going to bed’

A day like this should exist in everyone’s memories, and this is exactly why we crafted especially for you thematic vacation packages, which will take you and your beloved one deep into the fairytale experience offered by Zabola Estate. You can choose between the packages:
"History and Wildlife Stories"
(explore the local history and enjoy the wildlife and beauty of the surroundings),
"Bixad- Amazing Holiday in a Hunting Lodge (3 Nights)"
(get closer to the royal nature around you for three days)
"Royal Equestrian Adventure"
(an adventure for 3 days). If you’re looking for a romantic escape, the ideal choice would be
"Transylvania- The Best Romantic Retreat"
and if you’re travelling with your family/friends, take a look at
"Zabala- The Old Saddle House Experience"
which can accomodate up to 8 people.

Are you ready for the autumn expedition, ready to discover the Romanian nature where the reality of the mundane is replaced by a fairytale experience?

We await you to become the writer of a new chapter of the Zabola Estate journey and we encourage you to share your experience with us.

And the story will go on...