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Summer’s nearly at the door, and along with it comes the perpetual question: where should we go on holiday? We thought we’d give you a summer to remember. Officially, the Epic Summer campaign has begun!

Exclusively on Epic Visits, we handpicked the most epic stays and experiences across the country, perfectly fit to your style: whether you’re an intrepid adventurer, or you love treating yourself, or you’re looking for an unforgettable family outing. A wildlife observatory, the coolest experience on the Neversea beach, a cabin in the middle of the wilderness or old traditional saxon houses… sounds great alright, doesn’t it? Hurry up though, there’s limited places available!

The Epic Summer Exclusive campaign runs until September.



The place where elegance dances on Romanian balads

Somewhere in the heart of Transylvania, a story is being written about the old and the new, about love and challenges, about the beautiful and the memorable. Somewhere in the heart of Transylvania, you can rediscover the extraordinary. Somewhere, in the heart of Transylvania, lies Bethlen Estates.

We continue our March series about women who gave a special vibe to Romanian tourism and built not only mere accomodations in our lands but also holiday concepts, experiences that nobody should miss. This time, the spotlight is on the owner of Bethlen Estates, a fascinating place, surrounded by the most spectacular Saxon heritage villages, such as Biertan, Richiș, Alma Vii, and towns such as Sighisoara and Medias..



Spring is the Time for Epic Experiences to Blossom!

…and we are getting ready to pluck them and turn them into ideas for mini-vacations for you, little getaways which you can enjoy at the end of a hard and exhausting week.
2020 was a challenge (an unpleasant one, for sure) for us all. We had to come up with new habits and new passions, and we refashioned our home as a place of work, of the end of the day, but also of holiday.
Slowly, however, we seem to be witnessing a return to the old normal. Therefore, we want to perceive this spring like a rebirth: of nature, of the world, but also of people.



Native Emotion and a Heartfelt Place

'Did you know that you can travel back in time without a time machine?'
You really can. All you need is a place painted in authentic feelings and the real desire to offer a fragment from the past to those who come to these lands.
The idea of such a place, a sacred treasure of Transylania, was born out of nostalgia for times gone by and out of fear that many old items, specific to ages past, would disappear. The host of this refuge from the mundane, which serves as a lesson in tradition, is Silviu (Goga), a priest who, out of love for the world and for people, built a village museum in an old house, but which nonetheless contains all the necessary accommodation features.



Travel Carpathia — Start your Own Wildlife Show Now!

'The curtain falls and… the first representation is being staged by bears, deers, foxes and birds, who live in the rhythm of natural symphony. You are in the middle of all of this. '
This is just the beginning of the wonderful experience that could await you in your unforgettable vacation with Travel Carpathia. The writing of this place’s story began in 2009, when the Carpathia Conservation Foundation came to life. The main goal of the foundation, a Romanian NGO established by 12 philanthropists and ecologists, is to stop the illegal logging, along with developing and protecting the wildlife habitat in the southern Carpathians. If you would like to learn more about their projects and their many other objectives, you can take a look on their website.



Zabola Estate- The Royal Story Hidden Deep In The Heart Of The Forest

'Once upon a time there was… and still is.'
A fascinating story is being written every day, 40 kilometers away from the geographical landmarks of an ancestral volcanic eruption (Lake Saint Ana and Tinovul Mohos). The tale is about a captivating world, which vibrates in the heartbeats of the wild forests of Transylvania. A unique story that you can discover beyond the mundane details of life, beyond the traditional escapes that you are already accustomed to.