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Summer’s nearly at the door, and along with it comes the perpetual question: where should we go on holiday? We thought we’d give you a summer to remember. Officially, the Epic Summer campaign has begun!

Exclusively on Epic Visits, we handpicked the most epic stays and experiences across the country, perfectly fit to your style: whether you’re an intrepid adventurer, or you love treating yourself, or you’re looking for an unforgettable family outing. A wildlife observatory, the coolest experience on the Neversea beach, a cabin in the middle of the wilderness or old traditional saxon houses… sounds great alright, doesn’t it? Hurry up though, there’s limited places available!

The Epic Summer Exclusive campaign runs until September.

MuMA Hut: If you’re looking for a sanctuary in the heart of nature, you’ve come to the right place. MuMA Hut’s ‘Tiny House’ is a one-bedroom cabin ideal for a two person outing, found in the village of Armeniș, Banat. More importantly, this accommodation’s concept was guided by care for the environment from all points of view: its materials were purchased locally and its shingles were made by the nephew of an old craftsman. The house itself was built by volunteers in a local’s orchard as part of a WWF initiative, WeWilder Village Campus. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could take on the nearby treks through the Tarcu mountains, or perhaps visit the bison reservation, the hydroelectric power plant or the “Piatra Scrisă” monastery.

Agora: The Agora house project in Cisnădioara, Sibiu, is a perfect example of cultural heritage maintenance done right. This old saxon house in the village center was given a new purpose and is now an ideal holiday destination for families with a passion for tradition and customs. Above all else, the house itself tells a story; a tale of community, education and heritage. Culture makes its statement loud and clear, whether that’s through the piano room, the old traditional bread stove, or the many artworks decorating the house, some of them created by the village craftsmen. There’s plenty to explore in the surroundings too – the oldest fortified church in Transilvania “Sfantul Mihail”, the numerous breathtaking trails, good for both cycling and trekking, or the nearby cultural hub of Sibiu, only 10 km away.

Bunea Wildlife Experience: Few people know just how much the natural landscape in Romania has to offer. This wildlife observatory is the ideal, immersive nature experience for those with a thirst for adventure (and photography lovers alike). The cabin is located above Pecineagu Lake and offers a superb view over Făgăraș and Iezer-Păpușa mountains, an uninterrupted expanse of forest and the home of the largest population of wolves, bears and lynx. You’ll be supporting nature in other ways, too: all profits from this location go to the conservation work of Foundation Conservation Carpathia in the so-called „European Yellowstone”, the National Park of Făgăraș Mountains. The eco-friendly cabin was built sustainably and blends comfort with untamed wilderness.

Casa de sub munte: Another Făgăraș jewel is this family project. Found in the Sumerna hamlet, the smallest settlement in this land, you’ll be surrounded by the towering peaks of Moldoveanu, Viștea Mare and the Negoiu Mountains. The house can accommodate up to 22 people, so it’s ideal for a large group of friends. The house was renovated in a traditional style, using old items that were brought back to life through reconditioning. The settlement between the mountains offers plenty to do around, too: Adventure Parc Dragus, two monasteries, the Făgăraș fortress, or the Brukenthal Palace in Avrig.

Casa Mică - Dominic Boutique: If we were to define the Dominic Boutique concept in simple words, it’d be authenticity and environmental awareness. This is a traditional saxon house located in Cloasterf, a rock’s throw away from the medieval citadel of Sighișoara. A stay here also supports Dominic Boutique’s mission of sustainable tourism, or ecotourism, which aims to promote travel in a way that minimizes environmental impact, but maximizes the positive contribution to the local culture and community. Suitable for a short getaway or a longer workation, there’s plenty to see around too, such as a fortified 16th century church, Sighișoara, or Rupea fortress, one of the oldest archaeological sites in Romania.

Porumbacu Treehouse A-frame: We probably all dreamt of having a tree house as a kid, whether it’s because we were inspired by Peter Pan or Robinson Crusoe. But what if this dream were to become reality? Found in the heart of a small forest in Porumbacu de sus, only 14 km away from the famous Transfăgărășan mountain road, this is an ideal occasion for an adventurous family to become one with nature. With access to a fully equipped kitchen, barbecue and bicycles available at the property you can enjoy an unforgettable family outing in one of the most popular and unique stays in Romania. The most immersive way to explore the forest begins here.

Amprenta Transilvaniei : This location is ideal for those who enjoy the finer things in life. Located at the foothills of the Călimani mountains, Amprenta Transilvaniei is famous for its 26 hectares vineyard, apple orchard and harmonious architecture. Everyone ranging from wine connoisseurs, or those who have only recently got into wine tasting will find something to suit their style. This package for two people also includes an amazing dinner with 3 wines. Furthermore, you can visit the craft bakery or the cheese artisan shop, the former cottage of Ceaușescu from Dealu Negru, or more uniquely: a church that houses Giotto’s famous fresco, ”La Navicella”. This location is also called the ”New Tuscany”, and for good reason!

Experiența Neversea Beach : If you’re a seaside holiday lover, you’ve probably been in this situation before: you’ve got days off, you found an enthusiastic trip partner, you even decided whose car you’re going with but… no accomodation seems really worthy for such an outing. Neversea’s Island of Dreams is the answer you’re looking for. This epic experience includes accommodation for three nights at Continental Forum Constanta for 2 people in a room for a sea view, breakfast for the duration of your stay, access to Neversea Beach, premium beverage packs and a dinner in Tomis Harbour.

If something caught your eye, you can exclusively book it on Epic Visits only until September. Summer’s too short for boring getaways. It’s high time we made them epic!