Native Emotion and a Heartfelt Place

'Did you know that you can travel back in time without a time machine?'

You really can. All you need is a place painted in authentic feelings and the real desire to offer a fragment from the past to those who come to these lands.

The idea of such a place, a sacred treasure of Transylania, was born out of nostalgia for times gone by and out of fear that many old items, specific to ages past, would disappear. The host of this refuge from the mundane, which serves as a lesson in tradition, is Silviu (Goga), a priest who, out of love for the world and for people, built a village museum in an old house, but which nonetheless contains all the necessary accommodation features.

Transylvanian Traditional House’s atmosphere is specific to countryside life, prior to modernity. Here, you and your loved ones can enjoy the quietness of nature, on top of the comfort provided by a place that is special to the tiniest detail. Each element skillfully contributes to the overall concept so that you will find pieces representative of the village and the truly special area.

Right now, you’re probably wondering what can be so special about an old house or why you shouldn’t rather go to grandma’s than to such a place. Well, because such a trip is unforgettable, from the first moment after your arrival to the last second before your departure.

We would like to challenge you to a imagination exercise of placing yourself in a place where every inch speaks of simple countryside life, with all its beauties. The originality and naturalness of the place are completed by the surrounding village itself: a small and discrete village situated on the right bank of the Olt River, in which very few changes were made during the last few years, so that it maintains the charm of villages of old. All this emotional mix is dressed in the spectacular landscape: an interweaving between the crystal-clear water of the Olt’s meadow and the steep hills of the Hărțibacid Plateau, tied together by the marvelous knot of vast forests and plains, which is untied at the bottom of Mount Făgăraș. The area will also fascinate you through the constant presence of the trovants, spherical rocks of different sizes, also called “growing rocks” or “living rocks,” whose origin is shrouded in mystery. And the area’s mystery continues with the mounds believed to be tumuli (tombs from Ancient Dacia).

The area itself is at least as spectacular. Here, winter acquires a smell of long-gone times, with notes of love and appreciation for one’s loved ones and for nature. The decorum is set, painted in white, in thick layers of shiny snow. It waits for you to leave tracks in the fresh snow, like so many generations have left their prints on the details that constitute this wonderful place.

We will save you a warm spot for the summer as well, when you will be able to take a guided walk or a bicycle ride on the road paved with stories of the Transylvanian Saxons’ culture. Or, if you love kayaking or fishing, the peaceful Olt awaits you on its generous banks.

It’s the perfect place for an epic experience with your family or group of adventurous friends, with whom you usually go on trips. You will be able to enjoy the rural landscape in an authentic way. Here, you will discover local folklore on a fantastic journey.

Silviu is an open and talkative person who enjoys investing in people. I asked him how he would describe the perfect accommodation, and he replied: “one in which you do not feel like a tourist but a visiting friend.” He will sit you at his table, and you will taste together a lot of food containing the famous Romanian cheese, telemea (his passion). A priest by profession and by vocation, he believes that the people who enter his home are not only passers-by but friends whom he just hasn’t yet met. He doesn’t think that doing business overlaps with the desire to see the beauty in everyone and, particularly because of his love for people, he chose this specific spot for the guesthouse: a truly special place, where people can find themselves and rediscover their roots.

Your epic visit is made available by Rucăr-Family Holiday in Charming Village, via a package of 3 days and 3 nights for 4 adults, during which you will enjoy accommodation in a fairytale setting, along with traditional food, freshly cooked at home, and 3 possible activities you can choose from (a guided walk, a ride in a horse-drawn cart, kayaking, and fishing). The package also includes a special discount: for children aged up to 7, the trip is free, and the group can take up to 4 children. Therefore, for more details, we kindly invite you to visit our website.

Warning! You will fall in love with Transylvanian traditions in this piece of time travel, which will be a memory to share with others for many years to come. Are you ready?