Travel Carpathia — Start your Own Wildlife Show Now!

'The curtain falls and… the first representation is being staged by bears, deers, foxes and birds, who live in the rhythm of natural symphony. You are in the middle of all of this. '

This is just the beginning of the wonderful experience that could await you in your unforgettable vacation with Travel Carpathia. The writing of this place’s story began in 2009, when the Carpathia Conservation Foundation came to life. The main goal of the foundation, a Romanian NGO established by 12 philanthropists and ecologists, is to stop the illegal logging, along with developing and protecting the wildlife habitat in the southern Carpathians. If you would like to learn more about their projects and their many other objectives, you can take a look on their website.

What is impressive about Travel Carpathia is that the love for nature created a strong bond between the wildlife in the sanctuary and the need to expand the conservation areas. Between 1993, and 1995, Christoph Promberger, a former forester from Germany, and Barbara Fuerpass, a passionate Austrian biologist, met in Romania during a research project on the local wolf population, and from there, a true love story started to bond them and brought them permanently to Brașov.

Their story is defined by courage and ambition. At the time, when the forests in their studied area began to be under the constant menace of illegal logging, they felt that it was mandatory to make a difference and stand out. Hence, they began to fight for forest and wildlife conservation by buying the most affected areas and, today, the Carpathia Conservation Foundation is responsible for guarding more than 25.000 hectares in the Fagaraș, Piatra Craiului and Leaota mountains.

As we speak, the Prombergers are trying to rewrite in Romania the success story pioneered by the Tompkins in Patagonia (with governmental help from Chile and Argentina, the couple created the vastest network of national parks in the entire world). The Prombergers’ vision is based on using Romania’s full natural potential by creating the biggest national park in Europe: the National Făgăraș Mountains Natural Park, which today covers around 200.000 hectares. We consider their endeavors a sign of the capacity to overcome daunting barriers and of veritable motivational standards, which determines us to discover even more of their projects and visit their sanctuaries.

And, if you don’t yet feel inspired to plan your visit with a thematic package from Travel Carpathia, no worries: the show goes on!

Travel Carpathia is more than an area or a foundation. It embodies a full experience, from food and lodging, down to exploring the areas and understanding the unforgettable wildlife experience. It will make you discover your hidden taste for adventure and exploration.

The impressive natural landscape uncovers its paths as a book shows its chapters, letting you enjoy and experience them as you wish, whether in the wildlife or in a more relaxing farm experience in Cobor. The wildlife hides in the Făgăraș Mountains are included in all-inclusive tours, where guests receive full board services, with traditional food and local products. The connection with nature is unique, and you can benefit from the full comfort provided by the locations and the peacefulness of the surroundings. You also benefit from guided hikes with a specialized tour guide, so that you will have a full experience and feel safe at the same time.

The surroundings will be breathtaking. The wonderful view of the Făgăraș Mountains and the Moldoveanu Peak (2544 m) is completed by the view of Iezer-Păpușa and Piatra Craiului (the longest calcareous mountain crest). In this area, you can visit Cheile Dâmboviței, Cheile Dâmbovicioarei and the Dâmbovicoara Cave. If you are more into historical landmarks, you can visit the Bran Castle, well-known due to Count Dracula’s legend. Boredom does not exist here, due to the variety of experiences and things to do.

For the ones who prefer a different type of adventure, but who are still nature lovers, we also offer an alternative experience at the Biodiversity Cobor Farm, located in the Transylvanian Plateau. A unique place formed of vast grasslands, this represents a complex endeavour to conserve the local biodiversity and promote ecological agriculture. This is the perfect destination for both tourism and business. You will have a close encounter with horses and a very rare breed of cattle, and you will also spend time with the big and friendly Carpathian Shepherd Dog, a gentle giant.

Your epic visit at Travel Carpathia will surely become a story for your grandchildren. Travel Carpathia has quite an interesting hall of famous people who witnessed the wildlife here and promised to take the story further: Havasi, the world renowned pianist, as well as journalists and editorialists from National Geographic, Lonely Planet, Sunday Times, Telegraph, and The Guardian. All the visitors have been impressed by this safe haven for wildlife.

The feeling of being part of a bigger story will intertwine with the experiences that will leave you breathless in front of this small corner of paradise that awaits you here.

We asked Simona Bordea from Travel Carpathia how a perfect day at Carpathia would look like, and this was her answer:
„The perfect day is one started without any expectations, when you remove yourself from noisy civilization and wander out in the wilderness (alongside an accredited guide, of course), letting yourself fully experience the wonders of nature. Our recipe for success contains the ingredients of quietness, fresh air, berries, traditional food, stories, the wilderness, hikes... and a good healthy sleep at the end of the day. How else would a perfect vacation look like?"

If you also feel the same, then you are more than welcome to visit our website,, where we have prepared a few thematic packages for your next epic experience:

1. Brașov — Amazing Farm Stay at Cobor
– (re)connect with the beauty of nature and enjoy an amazing experience for as long as you want.
2. Brașov — Complete Farm Experience at Cobor
- discover what living in the countryside is like and taste some of the local dishes prepared with lots of love.
3. Făgăraș Mountains - Complete Wildlife Experience
- This complete wildlife tour will take you to places where time seems to stand still​,​ with virgin and semi-virgin forests that a variety of plant and bird species call home.
4. Făgăraș Mountains - Comisu Hide Wildlife Experience
- You will spend an unforgettable time watching and tracking wildlife from this wooden hide located at 1​,​600m.
5. Făgăraș Mountains - Bunea Premium Wildlife Experience
- Come and experience the Carpathian’s extraordinary and abundant wildlife by staying at our eco-friendly​,​ remote,​ and cozy Bunea Wilderness Cabin in the Făgăraș Mountains.